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2013 RHA Board
Of Directors


Larry Duntz


Mary Singleton

Lee Wadsworth

Common Areas
Matt King

Jeanne Mendoza

Randy Tobias

Shelley Packard

Neighborhood Events
Suzanne Tobias

Covenant Compliance
Matt King

RRF Manager
Katie Erickson

  Rockwood is a covenant community of 323 homes. It is located on the east side of Wichita, Kansas, and is primarily bounded by Douglas, Rock, Central, and Armour.

Rockwood is conveniently located close to excellent supermarkets, retail shopping, restaurants, schools and churches. Click here for a partial listing of local amenities.


The Rockwood Homes Association offers many ways to share your talents, from working on a one time project, to volunteering on a committee, to serving on the board of directors. Joining a committee does not require a large time commitment. In fact, many committees require no more than an hour a month. The success of our community depends on your involvement, so do what you can to get involved. Click here for a list of committees and contact persons.

Rockwood Homes Association Dues & Membership information

The mailing address of the Rockwood Homes Association (RHA) is

HOA Management Service
900 N Tyler Suite 7
Wichita, KS 67212


The Rockwood Homes Association has prepared the following capsule summary of the Protective Covenants enforced in Rockwood. The purpose of the covenants is to maintain the style and quality level of our neighborhood to the mutual benefit of all Rockwood home owners. Official copies of the Protective Covenants are part of your individual property title and should be available to you from your title insurance company. If not, please contact the Rockwood Board at the address above and we will send you a copy of the covenants that are applicable for your area. A brief overview of the covenants can be found here.

Also, click here for a copy of the Declaration of Restrictions, a list of the terms and conditions of home ownership in Rockwood. For the protection of all homeowners, non-compliance of any of these restrictions may result in fines, liens, injunctions, or any other legal action necessary to maintain the appearance and well being of our community. 


The Rockwood community recognizes that as a homeowner, you want to protect your property and loved ones. We, the Homeowners’ Association, employ a security service to ensure this, and in conjunction with the Wichita Police, strive to maintain the level of security you would expect to have. Additionally, Rockwood participates in the Wichita Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch Program. Remember, call 911 first for any home emergencies.

A few tips on security and safety:

  • Keep your exterior lights on at night.
  • Exterior motion sensitive lighting has proven to be the best deterrent to crime.
  • Park all vehicles inside your garage if possible.
  • Keep garage doors closed.
  • Please call your neighbor about an open garage door.
  • Never leave valuables or personal identity papers inside your vehicle at any time.
  • Do not let unknown people into your home.
  • Ask for identification.
  • Get to know your neighbors and look out for each other’s safety.
  • Be active in neighborhood watch.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the Wichita Police.
  • Prevent fire hazards by properly disposing of leaves and yard refuse.